Companies Act 2014

The Companies Act 2014 (“CA2014”), commenced on 1 June 2015 and significantly changed the emphasis of company law for all Irish registered companies in that the basis of the legislation is now the law governing the majority of Irish businesses, the private limited liability company.



The CA2014 has simplified company law compliance for the majority of Irish businesses. However, unless company owners/Directors consciously converted to the “new” limited liability company (“LTD”) prior to 30 November 2016 or adopted a new constitution since that date there are areas where confusion could arise.

The Team at FCS Service is fully conversant with the CA2014.  We can be of assistance if your company has converted under the default provisions of CA2014, interpreting what provisions apply from your old Articles of Association and guiding you as to the simplest and most effective way forward for your company. We can also provide guidance on your duties/responsibilities under CA2014. In addition, as qualified Chartered Secretaries we are best placed to provide you with the resources your Company Secretary requires to discharge their statutory and other legal duties or be appointed named Company Secretary for your company.

Why not give us a call/send us an email to see how we can assist you.

In the meantime, we have produced a number of briefing notes which may be of interest as follows:

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