Digital Certificates for Certificates of Incorporation of a Company Name

Digital Certificates will replace paper Certificates of Incorporation of a Company Name from early September 2016.

These digitally certified documents will replace the paper certificates previously posted out to presenters.  They will be emailed as a pdf document to the email address entered in the “Presenter Details” section of the application form submitted for registration. It is, therefore, important that the Presenter Details section is correct in all forms submitted to the CRO

This will facilitate immediate receipt of the certificate by the presenter following registration.

As a security measure each pdf certificate will contain a coloured banner at the top of the screen to confirm that it has been digitally signed as certified by the CRO. This provides an assurance to the recipient that the document is authentic, has not been tampered with and has been independently verified as sourced in CRO.

If you have any further queries or would like assistance with a Company Incorporation or any other CRO forms or please call Anna or Bernadette on 0353 (0)91 704818

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