Corporate Governance Consultancy Services

Having worked with companies and Boards of Directors across a range of institutions, and with vast experience of the demands placed on in-house company secretarial functions, we have become specialists in providing support to companies (and their teams) at key, or changing, times.

Corporate Governance Consultancy Services Ireland

Our corporate governance consultancy service covers a range of services, the most common of which are:

Supporting the Chairman and Board of Directors with Good Governance Practices
Full Board and Committee Service
Reviewing and Advising Companies and their Directors on Good Governance Practices and Frameworks
Providing Briefings to Companies and their Statutory Officers on Relevant Company Law and Regulatory Updates/developments
Identifying and Implementing Appropriate Governance Frameworks and Processes for “Growth” & High Potential Start–ups
Reviewing Regulated Entities’ Compliance with their Respective Corporate Governance Codes and Providing Guidance on Evidence of Compliance as appropriate
Board Effectiveness Reviews
Supporting Medium/large In-house Teams at Key Corporate Times or during Unexpected Key Staff Absences
Supporting Not-For-Profit Organisations in Relation to Good Governance Frameworks Specific to their Particular Structure


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